H N U T Í  D U H A

Our first project is real, we decided to support movement Hnutí Duha.

10% of every sold T-shirt goes to Hnutí Duha which takes care about our global responsibility.

Movement Hnutí Duha fights for healthy environment, variable nature and smart economy.

 It prefers solutions that ensure health and high quality of life for everybody. Hnutí Duha cares about clean aur, smart ecological houses, simple rules for electricity production, food without toxic substances and more efficient recycling.

Hnutí Duha is able to influence politicians and state organs. It can preserve wild nature, precious animals and plants for conscious visitors. It fights for healthy forests and ecological agriculture.

Less pollution and self sustainable resource managment. These are main reasons why Duha fights for better prevention and recycling or more energy from renewable sources. All of these things can lower the dependance on coal mines and imported recources. Therefore it can strengthen our economy.

How Hnutí Duha works?

It fights for better laws and other ecological actions: it suggests specific solutions and discusses them with state organs, ministers and politicians.

Argues with prepared and reliable facts: workers prepare scientific studies or analysis. Scientist help to develop these studies with or employees.

Regularly informs public and journalists. Looks after and comments ecological topics. It holds scientific trips, discusses with public, publishes informational publications.

Includes public: cooperates with volunteers, uses support of our donators and gives people opportunity to express their opinion about crucial issues and important changes.

Cooperates with partners: cooperates with towns or districts, scientists, companies, firms, industries and many others. It carefully look after its own independence.

We listed only small part of what Duha really does. If you would like to know more, or you have decided to donate to Hnutí Duha, visit www.hnutiduha.cz.

After we found out about Hnutí Duha, we had to support this interesting movement.

  And you help us to help. And we appreciate that, because we live in era when it is very important to start actively working on saving our planet. And the best place to start is ourselves and our environment.

Have a nice day,  Jana

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